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BEARS: “Our Mumu Don Do”

BEARS: “Our Mumu Don Do”

BEARS thumbs Down “Our Mumu Don Do”

Last week, we reported that the Nigerian Police and NPA security men have formed a joint task force to extort over N2 billion monthly at the Apapa port gate. Mhmmmmm, the Department of State Security (DSS) has confirmed this even as the police officers at the port gates have braced themselves for the worst (their sacking) and NPA security bosses have distanced themselves stating that it was the Traffic service that engaged in the extortion.

It seems the Police and NPA security at Tin Can ports haven’t read this report, otherwise they wouldn’t be demanding N500 per individual to enter the Tin Can Island Port via the Five Star Logistics gate. This corrupt joint task-force at Tin Can seem to be more interested in the pedestrians than vehicles as they demand N500 as bribe from all individuals without port pass.

As I pressed to enter the gate the police officer asked “your port pass or N500?” but I confidently brought out my press Indentity Card and was amazed to hear him say “Shawn, oga! This one pass ‘port pass’ abeg enter, but no write this one for paper”

So, we know what is takes to get into Tin Can Port and perpetuate any evil- Just settle with N500 and you are free to roam the ports as long as you wish. This corruption wouldn’t kill Nigeria, it wouldn’t kill our ports!

Police, NPA Security must change o, because “this mumu don do”!


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