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BEARS: BEWARE! Apapa Fire!!!

BEARS: BEWARE! Apapa Fire!!!

Bears Thump Down Apapa Tank Farm Fire

“Apapa is sitting on a keg of gunpowder” MMS Plus editorial team came to this conclusion during our editorial meeting on Monday last week as we discussed the headway for tank farms and the dangers of a fire outbreak at any of these facilities in Apapa.

The statement “Apapa is sitting on a keg of gunpowder” was reechoed by the Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of ENL Consortium, Princess (Dr.) Vicky Haastrup on Thursday last week when she pleaded with the Federal Government to intervene before a fatal disaster occurs.

Apapa community is in danger, it is not just the roads that are caving-in; there are over sixty tank farms with many having less than 1km distance between them.

Apapa has a huge population and it is also an industrial hub. The rationale behind the approval of these tank farms situated in Apapa can be questioned but something has to be done fast. If one tank farm goes into flames in Apapa, the disaster would be catastrophic as the entire community will go on fire. It is imperative for the government to take pro-active measures. The question now – would it be easier to relocate the tank farms or do we relocate the residents?

There is fire on this mountain called Apapa, but as the popular musician, Asa, puts it; no one seems to be on the run!


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