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BEARS: 10 Bills Without An Act, What is it?

BEARS: 10 Bills Without An Act, What is it?December 6th, 2018 will ever be remembered as a day the Senate Committee on Marine Transport had a novel interface with the stakeholders in the maritime industry code-named:” Lunch with the Senate, a maritime stakeholders’ assembly”.   It was a day of encomium for the senate committee largely because they are the first senate to create this forum. Although, they received praises for hard works done in the sector, just that with the volume of  good work  attributed to them none of the ten bills before them has got the President’s Assent. This is a minus because all the bills, including those passed by them now will face fresh legislative hurdles at the 9th senate if they fail to secure the Assent.
This explain why the stakeholders want them to throw their weight behind the NTC bill to get the President’s Assent as a key achievement for the 8th senate. The Senate Committee should move beyond the passage of bills to playing the politics of securing the President’s Assent.
They have the Bulls for the novel interface forum, but passing the bills without the Assent, is no success. A total of ten bills without an Act  at the close of legislative shop for the session, is a minus. They have the Bears, ultimately!

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